University of Texas–Austin Blogged   ·   2 days ago

We are Rolling Back Civil Rights When it Comes to Employment Decisions

Four U.S. presidents and esteemed leaders of the Civil Rights Movement descended on Austin last week to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the historic passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This was a proud moment for the state of Texas and our count...

University of Texas–Austin Blogged   ·   2 days ago

The Civil Rights Amendment Should Ensure Health Security for Hispanic Americans

Last week’s 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act serves as a reminder that politics and history shape the nation’s health care delivery system. Our forefathers wrote that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with ce...

University of Texas–Austin Blogged   ·   3 days ago

April 16 Tower Lighting Honors The Daily Texan

The lighting celebrates the Texan being named Best Newspaper by the College Media Association.

University of Texas–Austin Blogged   ·   3 days ago

40 for 40 Debut Sets UT Fundraising Record

The 40 Hours for the Forty Acres campaign hoped to raise $40,000 for UT. In true Longhorn spirit, students, alumni and friends smashed that goal. See the campaign results.

University of Texas–Austin Blogged   ·   4 days ago

Research: Where Knowledge is Created

Undergraduates' projects are the focus Research Week (April 14-18). We've highlighted some health-related research, just one of many areas of study Longhorns are diving into. Learn more.

University of Texas–Austin Blogged   ·   4 days ago

MLB’s “One-Year Experiment” is a Step in the Right Direction

Opening day for Major League Baseball was March 30, and one thing you’ll see less of this season is home plate collisions thanks to a new rule that limits how a runner and catcher collide at home plate. This is a good start to limit injuries and concuss...

University of Texas–Austin Blogged   ·   4 days ago

Looking for a Tax Refund? So are Identity Thieves

The April 15 tax deadline is fast approaching, and with that comes the perfect time for identity thieves to steal your information and your tax return. You can take steps to protect yourself, but the best and first thing you should do is shift your philoso...

University of Texas–Austin Blogged   ·   4 days ago

A World Treasure is at Risk in Crimea

Amid the tensions in Crimea, it is easy to forget that less than a year ago the news from the region was cause for international celebration. Last June, UNESCO conferred the status of a World Heritage Site on the ancient city of Chersonesos and its chora, ...

University of Texas–Austin Blogged   ·   4 days ago

Battling Childhood Obesity Needs a Softer Approach

We need a softer touch when addressing the “obesity epidemic” among children and teens in the U.S., one focusing on gaining some “good” rather than eliminating something “bad.” Efforts by the government, doctors, parents and high-profile advoca...

University of Texas–Austin Blogged   ·   5 days ago

How Do You Reinvent Health Care?

Start by re-imagining medical education, says Dell Med School Dean Clay Johnston. "We have an opportunity to redesign what health care can be." Read more.


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